Monday 30 October 2017

DIY Magnesium Oil: And More

   I just recently discovered it and I'm wondering why the earth I haven't used it before.

   My main reason why I want to use magnesium oil is, because of my psoriasis, there is not very much information that it will help but we will see. I will do before pic and then after, I think I will try this every day for 1 month and if there are some results, well then it's amazing.  But of course, it's not the only reason. Magnesium is essential for tooth, muscle, bone and joint health, also for better sleep and stress reduction.
   And of course, magnesium flakes are cheap. It is cheaper to buy flakes than supplements or shop magnesium oil.

   The most famous Magnesium Chloride in Europe comes from the ancient Zechstein salt lake. On the ground floor of the former lake 1500m-2000m in the deep underground, protected from pollution, there are Magnesium Chloride deposits. 

   Buy it or DIY?

   In stores, you can buy magnesium flakes and oil. If you buy flakes then you have to dissolve it with distilled water.
  Shop magnesium oil  -  Concentration 31%.
  Shop magnesium flakes - Concentration 47%.
  Home magnesium oil (DIY) - Concentration 31% - 1kg flakes gives you 1,5l magnesium oil.

DIY  - you need

  • Magnesium flakes (concentration 47%)
  • Distilled water and heat it up a little bit. 


  • 1:1 flakes and water - you will get ca 23,5% oil.
  • 1:2 flakes and water - you will get ca 15,6% oil.
  • 2:1 flakes and water - you will get ca 31,3% oil. 
International Medical Veritas Assosiation recomend 30-35% strenght oil.

  • Heat up distilled water, it just has to be warm, then the flakes will dissolve easily. Put flakes in the water (depends on how strong oil you want). I did 31,3%. Stir well until completely dissolved. Let it cooled and then store it in the spray bottle. 

   Does it tingle or irritate my skin?

  For me yeah, my skin is very sensitive. On my psoriasis it burns a little bit, for me it is bearable. Then it itches. I will let it be in my skin for 30min then I will wash it off. At first few days I did foot bath. So my psoriasis will heal a little bit (most of my psoriasis is on my legs).  When it itches then it will not get red or anything.

    It is completely harmless it may depend on how much is applied and where it is applied. Diluting the magnesium oil 1:1 (23,5%) with pure spring water can reduce this effect, also this is a matter of personal preference. You can choose magnesium lotion or do magnesium bath flakes, for use in foot soaks (or full body)

  Also when it itches then it may show you that you have lack of magnesium in your body. Try to keep it away from your eyes and nose.

   What it is for? 

   Magnesium is well known to reduce muscle tension, improve sleep, address neurological disorders such as anxiety and depression.

   Magnesium works within our cells: the powerhouses, factories, and regulators of the body's systems. Magnesium is less widely known. You may know more about calcium, D-vitamin and so on. When I talk about it in my family they told me that they do not take magnesium supplements, they take D-vitamin, Zing, Iron.

In the beginning, I told that the main reason why I use it is my psoriasis, but if you have the other skin conditions then you should try it out. :)
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Acne
And of course...
  • muscle cramps
  • chronic pain
  • depression
  • asthma
  • heart rhythm disorders
  • high blood pressure
  • low blood sugar
  • insomnia
  • muscle tension
  • headache/ migraine

  • I can find six symptoms for myself. This is really bad. 

 How often can you use it? 

Your skin has a unique ability to self-regulate absorption, and therefore you can not overuse it. I use it twice a day. Morning and in the evening.

   Natural ways to get magnesium - TOP 10

   Here are top ten foods that are high in magnesium. 
- Men RDA 400 milligrams and Woman RDA 310 milligrams a day -
  1.  SPINACH - 1 cup 157 milligrams (40% DV) 
  2.  CHARD  - 1 cup: 154 milligrams (38% DV)
  3.  DARK CHOCOLATE - 1 square: 95 milligrams (24% DV)
  4.  PUMPKIN SEEDS - 1/8 CUP: 92 milligrams (23% DV)
  5.  ALMONDS - 1 ounce: 80 milligrams (20% DV)
  6. BLACK BEANS - 1/2 cup: 60 milligrams (15% DV)
  7. AVOCADO - 1 medium: 58 milligrams (15% DC)
  8.  YOGURT or KEFIR - 1 cup: 50 milligrams (13% DV)
  9.  FIGS - 1/2 cups: 50 milligrams (13% DV)
  10.  BANANA - 1 medium: 32 milligrams (8% DV)

Monday 23 October 2017

Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes

   There is a time where I find myself reading quotes. All kinds of quotes: motivational, inspirational, love, life, happiness, fitness... I think it will help me keep going, be on track. I will remind myself what do I want to do, what do I have to do for that. Today I will look up some motivational quotes. 

   I really love quotes, so I think that I will post them more often :) tell me what do you think? :) 

Thursday 5 October 2017

How to manage your time effectively

                          How to manage your Time effectively

   Lately, I have been trying to do everything, but it's hard to find free time. I want to do so many things in one day and when I skip one or two things in my do to list, I feel guilty about it and then the next day it's harder, not easier. And that's why I want to talk about time management, well you can't manage time, it's more about self-management. 

 When you do "do to list", then you want to do the hardest thing first. That's what I have always done. But I realized that sometimes doing the hardest thing will not make next day easier. So I think you should ask yourself three questions about your hardest task in your do to list. 
  • Will this task help me to reach a goal?
  • Does it make my life/tomorrow easier? 
  • Does it have to be done today?
 There are days where I say "I do not have time for that" or "I don't have time for myself". We all wish that we have more time. If you say yes to something then you are telling no for other things. So you have to prioritize your tasks. What is the most important thing you want to do right now? Get an education - then you have to study first and then do your hobbies... Lose weight? Career? Write a book? If you want to do it all, then you should plan your week properly. Plan your time properly.

 And then you do not want to overwhelm yourself with these tasks. If you have a plan and you take a break from that, like 30min for yourself then it will feel like a small vacation in your day. You will enjoy this coffee break more because you are using your time wisely. You feel like you deserve this pause because you have been productive all day.

Plan a Successful Day

  • Wake up early - still, sleep ca 7h
  • Set your schedule, list your do dos
  • Prioritize healthy habits - plan your meals, snacks, and exercises
  • Select your top three - keep focused on your priorities
  • Plan for tomorrow
  • Break big tasks into pieces

 When I am watching TV, my favorite shows from TLC or just something for fun. I feel like I'm wasting my valuable time. And then I will feel guilty for doing nothing. I will think that I could have done so much more with this time. So now I will do my workouts while I watch TV. I discovered that multitasking is actually really easy.  When I'm cooking I can clean the same time and so on.

Of course, there are cons as well in multitasking

 You have to find what will work for You. 

        Your goals

 When some goals are frightening or you think they are too big. Then it's better if you take step by step, and you should break your big goals into small tasks

  1. Estimate your situation. What worked before? What didn't? What do you want to improve and achieve?
  2. Write it down. 
  3. Break it down. Break down your goals into manageable and small steps not to overwhelm yourself
  4. Hold yourself accountable. Maintain focus and discipline throughout your process
  5. Reward yourself. It will motivate you and you will stay positive. 
  6. Develop systems and habits. Effective habits will make it easier for you to accomplish your goals on a regular basis.

Plan your week to be productive

  • Select monthly goals  (fitness, money, budgeting, blogging...)
  • Make a list of tasks for each goal. 
Make a plan for every monthly goal. Like how much weight do you want to lose this month so you will reach your goal what is like in 6 months or how much money you have to save this month that you can buy a computer for Christmas. And so on.
  • Schedule the task
Take your tasks and separate them into weekly "do to list"
  • Plan how much time you will spend on these tasks and put them on your weekly calendar - 
Working out 3per week and 1h. Reading books a 1h every day. Working on a personal project/hobby 2h every day. 

 So I hope that there were some tips and tricks that you can use. Now technology has developed so much, there are many apps that you can use. Fun agendas, stickers and so on. You can print fun daily planners. You just have to try and see what is best for you. What will WORK for you.