Sunday 22 January 2017

Is detox working?

Let's do Detox? 

   I know that it's extremely popular right now . I have seen a lot of pictures where models are posing whit their cucumber juice or sipping carrot juice and selling these detox teas or powders. But is it working? There are so many different articles that it is myth. Well they say that it is not the way to get healthy. If you wanna get healthy and lose some weight  then stable diet and normal exercise is the way to do it.

  But do you feel sometimes heavy? Like you just need that cleanse. You can't just flush your system and believe it's now shining. I think you don't have to spend money for these products.

  Well if you wanna do it then do it. I believe that you will feel better after 3 days of cleanse because you know that you have been eating healthy food. You will lose some weight but you will gain it back pretty quickly. But still you will feel better what is a good thing. Maybe you will feel fresher than before and you are motivated to start exercising and start eating balance diet.

  3 day detox cleanse is that you only drink juices, smoothies also you can drink green tea and water.  Avoid alcohol, strong black teas and coffee.

    Here are some tips

* Make every morning right amount of juice so you don't have to make it again, maybe you are tired and don't want to mess with the juicer or peel carrots and so on.

*  Finish your day whit chamomile tea

*  try to eat organic (when it's over the also try to eat it :) )

*  Go for a walk

* Put some fruits into the zipper bag and put them in the freezer. Then it's easy to take it and throw them into blender. It's not recommended to make a huge amount of smoothies in the morning. If it's fresh then it tastes better.

Detox diets: Testing Dr. Oz's detox cleanse (CBC Marketplace)

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