Friday 20 January 2017

What does your nail color say about you?

Ever wondered what may your nail color mean? 

NEON - You like to party, go to the festivals. Have fun all day long. You are in love with the dance floor. Summer is all about you. You wanna be on the spotlight.

RED - You are confident, classic, strong, independent and also you like to flirt. But also red means aggression. Don't hold your feelings inside you, write them down or speak to your closest friend or family member. 

YELLOW - Cheerful also warm. You are not afraid to stand out. You evoke happiness and energy. It is the happiest color in the color spectrum.

ORANGE - You are outgoing, friendly. cheerful, confident. But it is also color of frustration. 

BLUE - Reliable, intellectual, trust, duty, logic, calm, reflection. These are your key words. Blue is the color of the mind, it effects us mentally. But also blue is cold, unemotional and unfriendly color. 

PINK - You are romantic, young. The deeper pink, the more passionate you are.

WHITE - Innocent, calm, neutral. You are clean person, love cleaning and organizing. You hygiene is one of our priority. Also you may like everything geometrical and minimalistic. 

BLACK - You are powerful, glamorous, rebel. Also means heaviness, coldness. It creates protective barriers. You wanna feel safe. Maybe you are closed person. But black color is very fashionable so maybe you are into fashion. 

PURPLE - Spiritual and royalty. You like everything fancy and luxury. You also like harmony.  You are focusing on the career and future.

GREEN -  Peaceful, steady, harmony. You don't like to rush, step-by-step. You will go with the flow. Also you like funky style or 80s and 90s. 

GREY - Grey color is the only color that has no direct psychological properties. So if you are wearing grey, then you like simple thing. Minimalist.

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