Friday 27 January 2017

What to do with mason jar tops. DIY

Lets do something fun with mason jar tops.

What can you do with your jars? Are you throwing them away? There is so many things what you can do with them. I have struggled with my workout a lot... But when it's more fun then I want to do it more. So i think having this cute jar full of workouts will bring you more motivation. 

It's really simple, there are something what do you need.

* Mason jar (of  course) - medium.
* Spray paint, i used belton molotow premium reference street-art colors.
* Stickers (what you don't need) - or you can use washy tape to make it more fun
* Post it notes  - or you can cut just regular paper or colored one too. :)

 These sticker are for making this jar looking more fun. Also washy tape is fine. (I got these stickers from aliexpress)

So just stick sticker on it and then spray it all over. Then let it try. Then carefully take the stickers off.

Then just take post it notes and write exercises on it, everything what you want. 

If you are done with that workout then but it in the envelope so it would not repeat.

   45 minutes yoga
   30 min arm and shoulder
   60 min abs
   Belly dance .... and so on. 

Budgeting - What mistakes to avoid

What mistakes you should avoid when you do your budgeting?

  Every month I try to do it better, that i can save more money and I know where my money is going. This year is going to be your year. Maybe your new year resolution is budgeting more and getting your finances in order. Like the title says in this post I gonna talk about what mistakes you should avoid.

Here are some tips what might help you.

1. Don't make this complicated. 
   It doesn't have to be so detailed. If you have so many different categories you do not want to budget, at first it's fun but in the middle of the month you are tired to search what to but where. If, it's simple then it's better.

2. Don't be too strict on yourself. 
   I know that your main goal is to save money. But make sure that you are allowing yourself to have little bit fun too. You don't have to overdo this. Just do it in moderation, then you won't feel guilty about it because it's still your budget and you are trying to save money. Not spending any money for yourself is bad because when there comes a time when you want to spend something on yourself then you maybe over spent it like eating out or date night money or things like that.

3.  Don't forget to save money for larger long term expenses.
   Like family holidays, annual car insurance, Christmas presents and food. These things won't come ever month, so you have to plan these things what comes once a year or just not so often. These tings may be big expenses and if you don't plan this then it will mess up your monthly budget.

4. On weekly basis balance out all your expenses. 
   Get track all of your checks and write them down. Especially if you don't know where your money is going.  Doing that you will keep yourself motivated and organized. When you stop being organized then you may feel overwhelmed and this will impact your financial life negatively. So don't wait for the end of the month to write down you expenses. Also, you may forget something.

5. Work as a TEAM
   Don't forget to do this as a team. If you are married then you should work together, Don't try to force this budgeting to your spouse. It's your both  outcomes and incomes. Doing together will make it easier. You have to be in the same page, talk openly about you goals and visions you have.
6. Buying on impulse. 
   Buying small chocolate or gum in the checkout lane every time will not seem very harmful. But  no matter how inexpensive they are individually. They will add up, It's better to buy it in bulk and save some money.


Wednesday 25 January 2017

Top 10 Movies what plays with your MIND

Are you bored watching romantic movies with your boyfriend? 

I guess not :D But now is your boyfriend time to choose a movie.
Here is a list of movies what is full of action and what will blow your mind.

What I like about these movies that these endings are very interesting, you will not expect that coming. So crab your popcorn, snacks and drinks and snuggle with your boyfriend. You will need him now more than ever. :) 

10 - Mr. Nobody = A boy stands on a station platform as a train is about to leave. Should he go with his mother or stay with his father? Infinite possibilities arise from this decision. As long as he doesn't choose, anything is possible.

Mr. Nobody

9 -  Triangle = This is not very popular but it's full of action and guessing. Psychological  horror thriller movie. I think it is really  underrated movie. It's mysterious and also sad.


8 - Interstellar  = It will make you cry :) , long movie but worth watching. It's science fiction movie. A team of explorers travel through a wormhole in space in an attempt to ensure humanity's survival. 
7 - Primer =  Four friends/fledgling entrepreneurs, knowing that there's something bigger and more innovative than the different error-checking devices they've built, wrestle over their new invention. Really cool movie. 


6 -  Inception =  Also Leonardo DiCaprio is playing :) A thief, who steals corporate secrets through use of dream-sharing technology, is given the inverse task of planting an idea into the mind of a CEO

5 - Looper = It's science fiction thriller film. Includes time traveling.


4 - Shutter Island = Leonardo DiCaprio is there.. ;)   Psychological thriller film . In 1954, a U.S. marshal investigates the disappearance of a murderess who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane.

Shutter Island

3 - Edge of Tomorrow = A soldier fighting aliens. I know it's not very much info but i don't want to spoil it. 
2 - Predestination - You have to watch it very carefully because its hard to understand. But it's really cool movie. For his final assignment, a top temporal agent must pursue the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time. The chase turns into a unique, surprising and mind-bending exploration of love, fate, identity and time travel taboos.


1 - Coherence
 = It was really low budget movie, but it was so cool. One of my favoriteStrange things begin to happen when a group of friends gather for a dinner party on an evening when a comet is passing overhead.


If you like more info then you can always watch trailer but i don't recommend it because then you will spoil it for yourself :)

Have fun watching these movies !!!

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Blue Lagoon Drink

How to make blue lagoon drink

Blue lagoon cocktail is one of my favorite. It's really easy to make and it is really tasty. You can make these also alcohol free (just don't add vodka). And kids will love it too because who doesn't love colorful drinks? 

You need:

2oz vodka  (you can pour more, if you want ;) )

2oz blue curacao 




Mix everything together and it's ready :) 

Monday 23 January 2017

How to keep your red hair color from faiding?

Are you trying to keep your beautiful red hair from fading? 

  Hi there!! Do you have red hair or planning to dye your hair red? Well it will be struggle. But it is worth it, sacrifices what we make for beauty :D

  Now I have brown hair, i'm trying to grow my hair out. But i have had red hair for two years or even more. It was soooo hard to maintain this color. Like seriously, i dyed my hair red and then in the shower everything was red. Like i was stumbled in the crime scene. Then i decided to color my hair pink... It was fun :D But i really liked the red color.

  I have tried so many different hair color brands. Like: I used more drugstore brands. 

Garnier Nutrisse -  I liked that one.

Garnier Olia - NOPE, that was not working for me. It left my hair feeling weird. Like crunchy and dry. But if you color your hair then it feels soft and smooth. But this was not like it. And my friend also told me that it happened to her to .

Loreal Preference  - It was okey, it's more expensive. But it has nice colors what i liked.

Loreal Casting Creme Gloss - was one of my favorite, it was really nice,

Palette - Was also good, it's not that expensive, and i really liked that mask what was with it. My hair smelled good and looked shiner.

  I want to share some tips what i did to maintain red color.  

* Don't shower with hot water, If you don't like cold water then just risen you hair with it, not your whole body. 

* Use toners or color masks. It will not damage your hair so much. 
     - use plastic gloves, some of these will color your hands as well

* Choose right shampoo, in the market there is so many different shampoos for colored hair. So you have to find yourself the best on. I like garnier or loreal elvital for colored hair (red series).

* Protect your hair from the sun. 
     - use natural oils      - cover with hat      - leave-in  conditioner with sunscreen 
* Don't wash your hair so often. Okey, i know that's not fun, but you can try to wash it twice a week. Use dry shampoo. 
     - use baby powder 

* Take care of your ends. Because if you are dyeing your hair every month it will dry your ends. And they are not allowing the color to hold as easy. (I had beautiful red in my roots but my ends were lighter and not so beautiful). 

* Use heat protection as well, when you blow dry or styling your hair.

If i had pink hair then i colored with ASP Colour Dynamics , Really recommend that . It smells good and feels good and it's amazing.  It has so many beautiful colors. 

ASP Colour Dynamics


Sunday 22 January 2017

Is detox working?

Let's do Detox? 

   I know that it's extremely popular right now . I have seen a lot of pictures where models are posing whit their cucumber juice or sipping carrot juice and selling these detox teas or powders. But is it working? There are so many different articles that it is myth. Well they say that it is not the way to get healthy. If you wanna get healthy and lose some weight  then stable diet and normal exercise is the way to do it.

  But do you feel sometimes heavy? Like you just need that cleanse. You can't just flush your system and believe it's now shining. I think you don't have to spend money for these products.

  Well if you wanna do it then do it. I believe that you will feel better after 3 days of cleanse because you know that you have been eating healthy food. You will lose some weight but you will gain it back pretty quickly. But still you will feel better what is a good thing. Maybe you will feel fresher than before and you are motivated to start exercising and start eating balance diet.

  3 day detox cleanse is that you only drink juices, smoothies also you can drink green tea and water.  Avoid alcohol, strong black teas and coffee.

    Here are some tips

* Make every morning right amount of juice so you don't have to make it again, maybe you are tired and don't want to mess with the juicer or peel carrots and so on.

*  Finish your day whit chamomile tea

*  try to eat organic (when it's over the also try to eat it :) )

*  Go for a walk

* Put some fruits into the zipper bag and put them in the freezer. Then it's easy to take it and throw them into blender. It's not recommended to make a huge amount of smoothies in the morning. If it's fresh then it tastes better.

Detox diets: Testing Dr. Oz's detox cleanse (CBC Marketplace)

Friday 20 January 2017

Diaper box to storage - DIY

Let's make boring diaper box to fun storage. 

Do not throw you diaper box away, you can do so many things with it and one is storage box.

You will need 

* Pencil
* Glue gun - big is better (i used small one)
* Wallpaper - this is one that was left
* Scissors 
* Tape measure

Cut these if you want to, but you can also cover these with wallpaber

Use a box when you wanna straight line.

How to clean your Home easily - Lazy Girl Guide

Let's star cleaning!!! 

Doesn't sound very fun? Well lets make it Fun :)

I will admit it that I am not a big fan of cleaning. But I like when my home is nice and tidy. I find always some excuse what I can use for not cleaning my home.

I hope that some of these tips will help you

Make yourself All Purpose Cleaner - you don't have to buy these cleaners, they are not very expensive but they are full of chemicals. I have seen some of eco-friendly cleaners but these are more expensive. I don't see point buying these because you can make it yourself.  You can but some essential oils in there.
     * Water and dishwasher soap
     * Baking soda and water

Smelly shoes - After workout sprinkle baking soda in your shoes. Tap it out when you wanna wear them.

Storage your products - Put them in the jar, bags, basket or on the tray. 

Shiny windows - Add white vinegar to brighten your windows. Spray water and vinegar mixture and swipe away with microfiber cloth. 

Don't use bar soap - Use liquid soap instead. Then you have less mess in your sink.

Use drawers - Put little thing in the drawer, don't just throw thing in it but organize it. 

Set a Timer - Like 30min or 1h. So it is like challenge for you. In 30 minutes you can clean very much. 

Music - Put on your favorite playlist and you will see that time flies. You will get more motivated and you wanna move and do more stuff. 

Do i need it? - If you see stuff that you like, think do i need it? If no then give it away. Less stuff you have less time you will be spend cleaning. 

Do your bed first - Because then your bedroom will look more cleaner. And you are more motivated to clean the rest of the room.

What does your nail color say about you?

Ever wondered what may your nail color mean? 

NEON - You like to party, go to the festivals. Have fun all day long. You are in love with the dance floor. Summer is all about you. You wanna be on the spotlight.

RED - You are confident, classic, strong, independent and also you like to flirt. But also red means aggression. Don't hold your feelings inside you, write them down or speak to your closest friend or family member. 

YELLOW - Cheerful also warm. You are not afraid to stand out. You evoke happiness and energy. It is the happiest color in the color spectrum.

ORANGE - You are outgoing, friendly. cheerful, confident. But it is also color of frustration. 

BLUE - Reliable, intellectual, trust, duty, logic, calm, reflection. These are your key words. Blue is the color of the mind, it effects us mentally. But also blue is cold, unemotional and unfriendly color. 

PINK - You are romantic, young. The deeper pink, the more passionate you are.

WHITE - Innocent, calm, neutral. You are clean person, love cleaning and organizing. You hygiene is one of our priority. Also you may like everything geometrical and minimalistic. 

BLACK - You are powerful, glamorous, rebel. Also means heaviness, coldness. It creates protective barriers. You wanna feel safe. Maybe you are closed person. But black color is very fashionable so maybe you are into fashion. 

PURPLE - Spiritual and royalty. You like everything fancy and luxury. You also like harmony.  You are focusing on the career and future.

GREEN -  Peaceful, steady, harmony. You don't like to rush, step-by-step. You will go with the flow. Also you like funky style or 80s and 90s. 

GREY - Grey color is the only color that has no direct psychological properties. So if you are wearing grey, then you like simple thing. Minimalist.

Thursday 19 January 2017

How to be MORNING person

Do you wanna wake up easily? 

   If alarm goes on will you snooze it? Do you feel tired every morning? Don't wanna wake up? Feel like the bed is meant for you? Bed is like paradise and if you wanna go out you will go to the dark side??? -- okey, that was me. And also it sounded like commercial....

  I was not morning person... But i will give you some tips what helped me.

* 10-15min stretching or yoga. 

* Eat breakfast

- eat protein, Greek yogurt topped with berries, granola, chia seeds. 

* Give yourself a pep talk ;) 

- okey, it's not really weird to talk to yourself? :D Well if you just need to give yourself advise and make out of bed. Ask yourself why you have to get out of bed? Okey, if I asked that form myself it was ... "Naahhh, no i don't have to wake up NOW".  But if you speak it out loud there is chance you will do it. Because you will hear yourself clearly.

* Exercise in the morning. With sunrise

- when weather is beautiful i like to go outside. Run 15-20min to warm up and then i will do exercises. I have nice workout playlist and it will motivate me and there is something in the mornings ... Just the fresh air and cool morning breeze.

* Wash your face, clean your skin, do your hair and do make-up. 

- Then you feel fresh and better. Like you wanna do something. (it works for me :D ) I like doing make-up. It's just like taking care of yourself and putting effort on it. Every day you can experience new colors. 

* Turn off your phone, tv.

-I know it's hard but it's helpful. I use to be on m phone half an hour and then go to bed. Now I read magazine or take notes what I have to do in the mornings.

Wednesday 18 January 2017

How to budget groceries, tips.

How to budget groceries, tips.

   Hi there, here is some tips how do I manage to budget my groceries. We go once a week to buy it and always make a list. Sadly we ALWAYS forget it to the car or home. So I have to memorize what was on that list. So hears comes a first tip

* Do a list and TAKE IT WITH you.
   Lot of people want to be healthy and it seems to be expensive. I have seen some fancy organic food what is sooo expensive that it's insane. So if you have a time you can try do to it yourself. You can do yourself like a almond flour etc. 

* Google some recipes what do you want to do. Almond flour, kale chips...

 *Meal planning

   I have some easy favorite recipes what do we love. Lasagna, chicken and buckwheat, pasta. It's not super healthy but if you eat small portions and lot's of salad and exercise normally it's good for you.

* Do category from your list. Meat, dairy, vegetables, fruits, grains, sweets. :)

    I love sweets and if i love something i'm not gonna cut them out ;) If you cut them out you will crave more from them. Well that's for me. So i will eat that chocolate piece if i want but not whole bar. 

  I have read it everywhere that stick to your list. For one week we will spend 45-60€ for groceries.

* Don't make recipes what have like 15 different ingredients in it. (of course when you wan't to do the just go have fun :D)

* Don't eat out very often. 

* You can meal prep and learn how to love your leftovers. 

Winter Time

Winter Time


So... It is very cold here. Well I don't know what weather is where are you. But in Northern-Europe there is -10c. Plus the wind is also horrible. Here are some tips how to survive it and what I like to do in winter time

There are some foods what are very good for you, in winter.

- Oily fish, if you don't like fish you can buy omega 3 fish oil. It is tasteless.
- Eggs
- Avocado, it contain lots of oils. C- and E-vitamin.

  • Take extra care of my skin.  
 - moisturize more (oils, butters)
 - don't forget your sunscreen

Prevent chapped lips
* Drink plenty of water
* Apply moisturizer
* Brush it
* Don't bite or pick your lips
* Breathe trough your nose

  • Home spa, take a ME time
 - there are so many different treatments. You can make scrubs and take a long bath. Do your nails.
If you do batch, add some milk in your water. It will soften your skin.

  •  TEA, i loove tea. Especially in winter time. 
 - favorite tea is green tea, but black tea with milk is also very good. Because it taste softer.

  •  Journal is one thing what i like to do. It is good to take notes and write down what do you feel.
- one day you will read what did you wrote down few years ago. Maybe it will be embarrassing, but then you can learn from your mistakes or just laugh at it.

Tuesday 17 January 2017

Favorite winter nail polish - AVON

Here is my favorite winter nail polish - AVON


Why do I like AVON nail polish?

Because it is really long lasting. Beautiful colors, good quality. I have been using Avon nail polish for a long time. Best part is that their polishes are not expensive. An in one tube there is 10ml polish. And it is a lot. I think almost everyone change their appearance seasonally. And changing your nail color is nice way to impress yourself. (not sponsored)
Honestly love avon nail polishes.

Here are some of my favorite colors for winter time.
I am amazed how fast these polishes dry.

Gel Shine has 25 shades that you can choose from. So if you are not into these tones you have plenty of another colors to pick.

"Wine and dine" is one of my favorite - It needs two coats but it will dry very fast. It is like dark red, deep wine. You will rock this color every season. It's classic red for me.

Monday 16 January 2017

About Me

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Silvia. I'm a stay-at-home-mom. I live in Northern Europe. I have always been interested about blogging, it seems very fun thing to do.

In this blog I want to  write about DIY, food, beauty, health, family and budgeting.

I live in a small town and i mean really small town. I think it is not even a town more like village. There are only 200 people. And sadly there is not much opportunity for entertainments. Well i have a 6 month old baby boy and he wants all of my time. :)

I really hope You enjoy my blog and find it helpful.