Monday 23 January 2017

How to keep your red hair color from faiding?

Are you trying to keep your beautiful red hair from fading? 

  Hi there!! Do you have red hair or planning to dye your hair red? Well it will be struggle. But it is worth it, sacrifices what we make for beauty :D

  Now I have brown hair, i'm trying to grow my hair out. But i have had red hair for two years or even more. It was soooo hard to maintain this color. Like seriously, i dyed my hair red and then in the shower everything was red. Like i was stumbled in the crime scene. Then i decided to color my hair pink... It was fun :D But i really liked the red color.

  I have tried so many different hair color brands. Like: I used more drugstore brands. 

Garnier Nutrisse -  I liked that one.

Garnier Olia - NOPE, that was not working for me. It left my hair feeling weird. Like crunchy and dry. But if you color your hair then it feels soft and smooth. But this was not like it. And my friend also told me that it happened to her to .

Loreal Preference  - It was okey, it's more expensive. But it has nice colors what i liked.

Loreal Casting Creme Gloss - was one of my favorite, it was really nice,

Palette - Was also good, it's not that expensive, and i really liked that mask what was with it. My hair smelled good and looked shiner.

  I want to share some tips what i did to maintain red color.  

* Don't shower with hot water, If you don't like cold water then just risen you hair with it, not your whole body. 

* Use toners or color masks. It will not damage your hair so much. 
     - use plastic gloves, some of these will color your hands as well

* Choose right shampoo, in the market there is so many different shampoos for colored hair. So you have to find yourself the best on. I like garnier or loreal elvital for colored hair (red series).

* Protect your hair from the sun. 
     - use natural oils      - cover with hat      - leave-in  conditioner with sunscreen 
* Don't wash your hair so often. Okey, i know that's not fun, but you can try to wash it twice a week. Use dry shampoo. 
     - use baby powder 

* Take care of your ends. Because if you are dyeing your hair every month it will dry your ends. And they are not allowing the color to hold as easy. (I had beautiful red in my roots but my ends were lighter and not so beautiful). 

* Use heat protection as well, when you blow dry or styling your hair.

If i had pink hair then i colored with ASP Colour Dynamics , Really recommend that . It smells good and feels good and it's amazing.  It has so many beautiful colors. 

ASP Colour Dynamics


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