Thursday 18 January 2018

Training at Home: Benefits and Tips

Small Home Gym

   I was working out and I was looking my "home gym" equipment. I felt so sad that I can't go to the gym. Because I want to lift heavy and get some gains. But then I was wondering do I really want to go to the gym. I have watched too so many documentaries about why you should not go to the gym. :D 

   But still, I feel like working out at home is much slower process than working out at the gym. There are all kinds of machines and workout equipment, group workouts... Well, you get my point. Gym is so good and heaven... :D  

   So I decided to change my mindset about that I need heavy machines, group workouts, that it is a slower process and so on. 

 Training At Home: Benefits and Tips

 1. Well, the first one is it is FREE.

   You can do a home gym piggy bank, imagine that you are paying a gym membership. Every month put 30€ or more/less into the bank and then end of the year you will have 360€ :D You can buy new workout wear or trainers, new yoga mat the list goes on and on. 

2. Start now and wear whatever you want.

  You can start your workout now, you don't have to get out of your house. Can't blame the weather also :D  
  Wear PJ when doing your morning yoga/pilates. Wear lingerie or nothing ;) Your choice. If your cute workout leggings are in the laundry then you don't have to stress about it. 
   And if your hair is crazy no one will see. Win-win.

3. Youtube group workouts - no one will judge you.

   It is actually my favorite thing to do. I will search some workout routine (I love PopSugar fitness workouts) and will do it with them :D If you try something new and fail then there is nobody too look at you. I have tried Zumba and belly dancing... It is so awkward to me but it is fun to try something new (I can't dance, I'm like a wooden stick). 

4. You can listen to your favorite music out Loud.

   It's more fun to workout without your earbuds. You don't have to listen to others music or gym music. Turn your music loud as you want and rock your workout. 

5.  Home will offer you better environment.  

   No one will judge you so you won't feel so stressed. You'ill be able to remain focused and have more productive/faster workout. You don't have to feel bad that you can't do as many reps than your gym friend. You will focus on yourself.
6.  If you get emotional. It's okay. 
   Maybe there are some days where you get emotional. You don't want to quit and keep pushing yourself. You say out loud "Keep going", "You can do more", "I'm better than this", "I will fight". And saying these out loud will want you to do more. In the gym, you may feel that you get weird looks or you are holding yourself back and don't push yourself so much. 

7. Variety.   
   I know there is a big variety in the gym but also in the home gym. 
  • Walk or run 
  • Exercise videos
  • Streaming exercise classes
  • Exergames - Wii and more
  • Smartphone - Download workout apps
8. Beat your excuses.

   There comes the excuses. I  think that I can find more than 1000 things to do than the workout. :D But you just have to remind yourself why do you want it. Make a vision board, workout plan anything that works for you. I did DIY - mason jar workouts to make my workout days more fun.

9.  No GERMS.

   You know that there are so many germs in the gym. Like, do you really think that everybody swipes their sweat off ?? Nope :D This is one thing what I do not like about gyms. I have seen how dirty it is.
   When you are at home you know that only you use it. Plus you have your own personal shower :D waiting for you. Don't have to share it with anybody (or share it with your bf ;). You don't have to use flip-flops.  What is niiice.  

   Also, you can find so many workout programs what you can do at home + with no equipment. Of course, most of these programs cost money. But the thing is that if you do a lot of research, watch documentaries and listen what professional bodybuilders, athletes have done wrong (there are videos that "don't make these mistakes" and so one). I also tried to put together tips for you how to make your own exercise program, maybe you will find it useful and add something more to your workout. 

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