Friday 20 January 2017

How to clean your Home easily - Lazy Girl Guide

Let's star cleaning!!! 

Doesn't sound very fun? Well lets make it Fun :)

I will admit it that I am not a big fan of cleaning. But I like when my home is nice and tidy. I find always some excuse what I can use for not cleaning my home.

I hope that some of these tips will help you

Make yourself All Purpose Cleaner - you don't have to buy these cleaners, they are not very expensive but they are full of chemicals. I have seen some of eco-friendly cleaners but these are more expensive. I don't see point buying these because you can make it yourself.  You can but some essential oils in there.
     * Water and dishwasher soap
     * Baking soda and water

Smelly shoes - After workout sprinkle baking soda in your shoes. Tap it out when you wanna wear them.

Storage your products - Put them in the jar, bags, basket or on the tray. 

Shiny windows - Add white vinegar to brighten your windows. Spray water and vinegar mixture and swipe away with microfiber cloth. 

Don't use bar soap - Use liquid soap instead. Then you have less mess in your sink.

Use drawers - Put little thing in the drawer, don't just throw thing in it but organize it. 

Set a Timer - Like 30min or 1h. So it is like challenge for you. In 30 minutes you can clean very much. 

Music - Put on your favorite playlist and you will see that time flies. You will get more motivated and you wanna move and do more stuff. 

Do i need it? - If you see stuff that you like, think do i need it? If no then give it away. Less stuff you have less time you will be spend cleaning. 

Do your bed first - Because then your bedroom will look more cleaner. And you are more motivated to clean the rest of the room.

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