Wednesday 18 January 2017

Winter Time

Winter Time


So... It is very cold here. Well I don't know what weather is where are you. But in Northern-Europe there is -10c. Plus the wind is also horrible. Here are some tips how to survive it and what I like to do in winter time

There are some foods what are very good for you, in winter.

- Oily fish, if you don't like fish you can buy omega 3 fish oil. It is tasteless.
- Eggs
- Avocado, it contain lots of oils. C- and E-vitamin.

  • Take extra care of my skin.  
 - moisturize more (oils, butters)
 - don't forget your sunscreen

Prevent chapped lips
* Drink plenty of water
* Apply moisturizer
* Brush it
* Don't bite or pick your lips
* Breathe trough your nose

  • Home spa, take a ME time
 - there are so many different treatments. You can make scrubs and take a long bath. Do your nails.
If you do batch, add some milk in your water. It will soften your skin.

  •  TEA, i loove tea. Especially in winter time. 
 - favorite tea is green tea, but black tea with milk is also very good. Because it taste softer.

  •  Journal is one thing what i like to do. It is good to take notes and write down what do you feel.
- one day you will read what did you wrote down few years ago. Maybe it will be embarrassing, but then you can learn from your mistakes or just laugh at it.

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