Wednesday 18 January 2017

How to budget groceries, tips.

How to budget groceries, tips.

   Hi there, here is some tips how do I manage to budget my groceries. We go once a week to buy it and always make a list. Sadly we ALWAYS forget it to the car or home. So I have to memorize what was on that list. So hears comes a first tip

* Do a list and TAKE IT WITH you.
   Lot of people want to be healthy and it seems to be expensive. I have seen some fancy organic food what is sooo expensive that it's insane. So if you have a time you can try do to it yourself. You can do yourself like a almond flour etc. 

* Google some recipes what do you want to do. Almond flour, kale chips...

 *Meal planning

   I have some easy favorite recipes what do we love. Lasagna, chicken and buckwheat, pasta. It's not super healthy but if you eat small portions and lot's of salad and exercise normally it's good for you.

* Do category from your list. Meat, dairy, vegetables, fruits, grains, sweets. :)

    I love sweets and if i love something i'm not gonna cut them out ;) If you cut them out you will crave more from them. Well that's for me. So i will eat that chocolate piece if i want but not whole bar. 

  I have read it everywhere that stick to your list. For one week we will spend 45-60€ for groceries.

* Don't make recipes what have like 15 different ingredients in it. (of course when you wan't to do the just go have fun :D)

* Don't eat out very often. 

* You can meal prep and learn how to love your leftovers. 

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