Thursday 19 January 2017

How to be MORNING person

Do you wanna wake up easily? 

   If alarm goes on will you snooze it? Do you feel tired every morning? Don't wanna wake up? Feel like the bed is meant for you? Bed is like paradise and if you wanna go out you will go to the dark side??? -- okey, that was me. And also it sounded like commercial....

  I was not morning person... But i will give you some tips what helped me.

* 10-15min stretching or yoga. 

* Eat breakfast

- eat protein, Greek yogurt topped with berries, granola, chia seeds. 

* Give yourself a pep talk ;) 

- okey, it's not really weird to talk to yourself? :D Well if you just need to give yourself advise and make out of bed. Ask yourself why you have to get out of bed? Okey, if I asked that form myself it was ... "Naahhh, no i don't have to wake up NOW".  But if you speak it out loud there is chance you will do it. Because you will hear yourself clearly.

* Exercise in the morning. With sunrise

- when weather is beautiful i like to go outside. Run 15-20min to warm up and then i will do exercises. I have nice workout playlist and it will motivate me and there is something in the mornings ... Just the fresh air and cool morning breeze.

* Wash your face, clean your skin, do your hair and do make-up. 

- Then you feel fresh and better. Like you wanna do something. (it works for me :D ) I like doing make-up. It's just like taking care of yourself and putting effort on it. Every day you can experience new colors. 

* Turn off your phone, tv.

-I know it's hard but it's helpful. I use to be on m phone half an hour and then go to bed. Now I read magazine or take notes what I have to do in the mornings.

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